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The 21-Day Sugar Detox Book Review

Detoxing your body essentially means you are getting healthier by getting rid of some of the toxins built up in your body from eating or drinking poorly, and replacing it with healthier, fresh foods and drinks. Some detoxes require you to do nothing but drink lemon water and juice for days or weeks at a time, while other detoxes focus more on exercise and a proper diet. None of these are wrong, but each provides a slightly different purpose.

With the 21-Day Sugar Detox cookbook, you are going to detox your body by eliminating most of the sugar and carbs from your diet. With the cookbook, you learn to cook more meals at time and rely less on fast food and eating out. You will be cooking primarily clean and whole foods and drinking healthy juices and smoothies to help detox your body and become a healthier person overall.

The reason you need the detox book is because battling sugar and carbs is very difficult to do. Sugar becomes addictive to where you feel like you need it. In the beginning, you will experience a hard time fighting your cravings, which is one of the drawbacks to this detox. However, keep in mind all those withdrawal symptoms are nothing more than a reminder that you were consuming more sugar than you really needed. Try to get past it and follow these recipes to live a healthier lifestyle.

You need this cookbook if you have been trying to lose weight or get healthy but following fad and trendy diets. Diets that are extremely low in fat and calories aren’t necessarily good for you, and often still contain a lot of artificial sugar, preservatives, and carbohydrates that your body doesn’t need. This 21-Day Sugar Detox book can be used by just about anyone, whether you are losing your baby weight, follow a vegetarian lifestyle, are nursing, or have an autoimmune condition.

One of the benefits of the 21-Day Sugar Detox book is that it isn’t just an ordinary cookbook, but combines recipes with lessons about why you should battle your sugar addiction and get back to eating whole and fresh foods. A potential drawback is that there is an adjustment period when you switch over to this new way of eating. People think that because they have stomach discomfort or headaches when following these recipes, it is a bad book, but those are just withdrawal symptoms from decreasing your sugar.

This is a book we recommend to anyone looking to detox their body and reduce their sugar consumption.


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