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4 Quick, Healthy Snacks You Can Buy When You Are Out

healthy snacks

Healthy snacks, what are they?

One of the difficult parts about trying to eat healthily and where most of us fall-over, is when we are out and about and our bellies start to rumble, what do you eat as a healthy snack? Obviously cakes, cookies and chips are far from ideal here are some healthy snacks that will hit the spot.

Healthy Warrior Chia Bars

If you want a snack that is convenient and easy to grab, you can try a Healthy Warrior chia bar. These bars are just 100 calories each and include chia seeds as the #1 ingredient. They are high-protein and contain other healthy grains, including oats and quinoa so easily fit into the healthy snacks category but check for hidden sugar. The bars are good to keep at home or in your car for those times when you need a quick snack but are worried about finding something healthy at the gas station or convenience store.

Mixed Nutshealthy snacks

Mixed nuts are great because you can get a package at the grocery store or put them together with your favorite nuts. Perhaps you really enjoy walnuts that are high in the all important omega 3 essential fatty acids, cashews, and macadamia nuts, but can’’t find a store-bought version of this mix. It is easy to buy them separately and put them into single serving bags, then keep with you at all times for a quick snack. Another reason nuts are a good choice is because you can find small bags of them just about anywhere, including a local gas station convenience store.

Fresh or Dried Fruit

Fruit is another healthy snack that is good to always have with you. Some fruit is just fine left out of the fridge, so it is easy to keep in your purse or in your car. For example, try to keep oranges, apples, and bananas close by when you need it. These types of fruits are often found at the front counter of convenience stores as well, so even if you are on the road, you can find them. Otherwise, bags of dried fruit is another option. It won’’t spoil quickly and can be stored just about anywhere. You can also combine it with your mixed nuts for a healthy filling and well-balanced snack, however, for some, this may cause a little bloating.


healthy snacks

Go to any store or gas station and you are bound to find bags of jerky. Beef jerky is there, as well as bacon jerky, turkey jerky, and sometimes even deer jerky. It is healthy, high in protein, which is quite filling itself and not too fattening (turkey fat content can be a low as 2% but will be quite dry to eat) if you’’re careful about the quantity you eat. The main concern is the high salt content, so make sure you are drinking lots of water whenever you eat your jerky. On the plus side, it lasts a long time without spoiling.

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