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5 Best Fat Burning Foods for Cooking Revealed

5 of the Very Best Fat Burning Foods revealed plus bonus video

A healthy diet is the best thing for giving your body the fuel it needs. There is currently a lot of research into fat burning foods, which will help you burn more calories to make weight loss easier.
There are already many ingredients that you can use effectively. You will benefit in terms of your health, as well as your weight.

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Ingredients for Fat Burning:

Green Tea

This is one of the best examples. It was once an exotic drink, but is now one of the most popular household options. It is full of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), antioxidants and caffeine. These all work together to help improve your body’s health.

With the EGCG, the caffeine gives your metabolism a boost to help process carbs. The antioxidants will help to remove toxins and improve your immune system.

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones have become popular since TV medical expert Dr. Oz promoted them.

They are the red raspberry compounds, giving the fruit the scent. They work by improving your abiponectic rate, which controls how your protein is used by your metabolism. Studies show that it helps to dissolve more fat molecules, which is great for those on a diet. And you get to benefit from the scent of raspberries.

White Kidney Beans

While they may look strange, they are extremely beneficial for burning fat.

One of the biggest issues with food is that your blood sugar (glucose) can increase dramatically due to carbohydrates. This excess glucose is then turned into fat. Carbohydrate inhibitors work to slow this whole process down, by preventing the release of the enzyme alpha-amylase. White kidney beans are full of that inhibitor. One of the biggest benefits is that it is natural and free from stimulants. In a study, the inhibitor help people lose 6.45 pounds in 30 days compared to a pound in the same time frame from those taking a placebo.

Whole Grains

It takes double the calories to break down whole grains compared to white grains. This includes cereals, bread, pasta and rice.

While the ingredients are healthy and natural, it is important to get a balanced diet. They’re only useful when careful attention is paid.Part of this process is through the management of sugars already mentioned. An excess of glucose can lead to more fatty tissue.

Hot Peppers

The pepper compound Capsaicin gives the ingredients the heat, and also helps to increase the temperature of the body. This burns more calories.

Using Your Ingredients

Here are great ways to use your five fat burning foods.

1. Green Iced Tea
Make it the same way you would make your normal iced tea. The difference is that you have it with green tea instead. You can also combine various fruits to give your iced tea flavour. Blueberries and tropical fruits are great options.

2. Raspberry Ketone Shakes
The liquid form of the ketones can be added to shakes and juices.

3. White Kidney Beans
The first thought is to add them into your chilli. This is a great way to maximize the flavour without too much attention. Chilli is also great for the diet, and can be kept in the freezer or fridge for a later day. You can also add a lot of other healthy ingredients, including onions, tomatoes, garlic, cayenne pepper and carrots. It will make a very hearty and filling meal.

4. Whole Grains
One of the best options is to simply swap your white grains to whole grains for all of your dishes. This includes in salads and stir fries. This isn’t just about pasta and rice, but also your breads, muffins and even bagels.

5. Hot Peppers
You can enjoy your peppers cooked, dried, powdered and even raw. Try them in salads and stews, with eggs and meats, and even mixed into soups and sauces.

Now you have this list of fat burning foods you have no excuse but to throw together some delicious meals


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