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Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger Low Speed Juicer Silver

Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger Low Speed

Vertical Juicer Review

omega vrt 350 hd


The Omega VRT 350HD juicer claims to give you the benefits of a slow masticating juicer with a high quality design that’ll last for many years to come. But does it stand up to the promises? Keep reading to find out.

Key Features of the Omega Vertical Juicer

  • Type of Juicer: Masticating
  • Motor: 150 W
  • Speed: 80 rpm
  • Chute Size: 2.25 inches
  • Size: 7 x 8.5 x 15.5 inches
  • Weight: 17.5 pounds

Is the Omega Vertical Juicer Worth Buying?

Build Quality

The Omega Vertical Juicer is designed to last. The machine is made of very sturdy plastic that should see you through a good many years to come. This construction does mean that the juicer is heavier than some other juicers, but if you’re juicing every day then it’s definitely worth buying a heavy-duty juicer like this. Although some customers have complained of breakage, the vast majority of customers see this as a juicer that’s built to last.

Juice Quality

One of the major benefits of the Omega 350hd is the fact that it produces quality juice. Many customers have reported the juice tasting a lot better than juice that comes from centrifugal models. The juice you’ll get from the Omega tastes extremely rich and fresh in comparison. Slow juicers are famous for creating better tasting juice, since they don’t process the ingredients at a high RPM, and they don’t heat up the ingredients in the process. They’re also a lot quieter to use! Another benefit of this juicer is that it is able to process wheatgrass successfully.

Some users have commented on the amount of pulp that gets into the juice. This seems to be through faulty parts, as most happy customers have claimed that the amount of pulp in the juice is minimal even after using the juicer for months. For normal use, there are two different screens that allow you to choose more or less pulp for your juice, depending on your preferences. There is a small amount of froth in the juice, but it’s a lot less than you’ll get with a centrifugal juicer.



The pulp left over from juicing is very dry, showing that the Omega Vertical Juicer does a good job of getting the most out of the ingredients you use. You can run this pulp through the juicer again to get the very most from every ingredient.



When it comes to cleaning, it comes with a special cleaning brush to make it easier. It’ll take you around 3-5 minutes to clean, as long as you make an effort to do this straight after you’ve used the juicer.


This is the kind of juicer that will appeal to those who really want high quality juice. If you want something that’s quicker to use, and costs less, then you’ll want to opt for a centrifugal juicer instead. However, for a slow juicer this is definitely a good choice of machine. 

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